As things in our community, cities, counties, state, and at the national level continue to progress to open up at capacity, BYBC will be progressing into its newly developed business model of being a 12 step trauma informed practice. 


In the years I have been in practice, I have noticed that most of my substance use clients had experienced some form of trauma at one time or other. When the trauma is triggered the body remembers and shifts into exhibiting symptoms of substance use, anxiety, depression, and inability to focus to name a few. Not to say that those are not true and valid mental health issues but most symptoms can be treated without medication. Medication MAY STILL BE NEEDED but there are techniques that can be taught to help decrease the intensity of those symptoms. 


What we are venturing to lead into is a program that teaches our clients and families how to deal with the primary, secondary, and even tertiary impact that trauma has on an individual through mindfulness, meditation, and the 12 steps. Walking, working out, or swimming are vital elements but our approach is through kindness, love, patience, and compassion for everything that you and your family have been through. We offer virtual sessions, in person sessions, in person groups, virtual groups, fun meetups, fun functions, and guidance and supervision on attending outside 12 step meetings. 


Life is tough but with us, you will find that we respect and honor where you are at and provide our support and experience to help you and your family find some stability. 

We specialize in adolescents but work with the family, young adults, and adults that have a history of substance use intertwined with trauma.


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