If you are having problems with an adolescent between the ages of 15-19 that has substance use issues, behavioral issues that lead to substance use, history of trauma that has led to substance use, mental health problems that have led to substance use...then let us help. 

We offer virtual screenings for all family members, a virtual comprehensive assessment for the client, then recommendations for a Level within our program. If a higher level of care is necessary - we will work with you to find what is right for your family.

Screenings: $150 flat rate for all family members | Comprehensive Assessment: $150 flat rate

Level 1: $700/month | Level 2: $500/month | Level 3: $400/month

monthly membership to VILLA -local gym is included in our Levels program 

additional services & fees

establishing boundaries/consequences | home contracts $150 flat rate

additional sessions outside of the standard levels/emergency sessions: $150

monthly retreats not include in pricing: range from $125-$150